Subtly different to the 'People' portfolio, this is mostly up close and personal - predominantly with a 28mm wide angle lens either on a Ricoh GRD2 or a Panasonic GF-1.

Very, very occasionally they 'twig' you and you can tell those images in that eye contact is made with the lens. Mostly you take their picture and pass on by without them becoming aware of you passing through their lives.

Both work because expressions are genuine in both cases - they haven't had time to 'strike a pose'.

'Street' is a strangely compelling genre of photography which is often the most surprising when you review the images on the monitor. Why the odd look they cast at their friend ? Why are they grinning for no apparent reason ? Who are they angry at ? What happened to make them look so sad ?

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain......
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