Personal Projects

Personal projects are something new to me.

I'd always taken pictures seemingly on a random basis once I'd decided what I happened to feel like that day. Some days are definitely a 'Street' day and some are just perfect for meandering until I found a landscape that intrigued me.

At Lancashire Monochrome I met people who worked differently. I saw what could be achieved with a clearly defined vision plus a little determination and forethought.

Some of these projects last for just a few days but the majority are currently without a clear ending.
(Contains 70 photos)
Pride portfolio I go and photograph Blackpool Pride every other year or three for the colour, atmosphere and its celebratory, upbeat essence. Whilst absorbed in the serious business of taking photos I find myself grinning behind the camera at the sheer exuberance of the occasion.
(Contains 32 photos)
Appleby Horse Fair portfolio From Wikipedia

The horse fair is held every year in early June and has taken place since the reign of James II of England, who granted a Royal charter in 1685 allowing a horse fair "near to the River Eden" Since then, around 15,000 English and Welsh gypsies, Scottish travellers and Irish travellers have converged each year to buy and sell horses, meet with friends and relations, and celebrate their similar lifestyles. Another 30,000 people visit the fair during the week.

The fair is one of the oldest horse fairs in Britain. It is held outside the town at a crossroads on the Roman Road near to Gallows Hill (named after the public hangings that were once carried out there). The event comprises Fair Hill itself, (the main Gypsy camp site, with some catering and trade) and the Market Field, which was opened up by a local farmer about ten years ago, and is now the main trading and catering area, together with half a dozen licensed camp sites. Most horse trading takes place on Long Marton Road, (known as the ‘flashing lane’) where horses are shown off (or ‘flashed’) by trotting up and down the lane, and also on ‘the sands’, which is near the town centre beside the river Eden, where horses are ridden into the river to be washed.
(Contains 61 photos)
Infra Red portfolio
(Contains 46 photos)
Harris & Lewis 2014 portfolio To the friends I made on Harris and Lewis - April 2014.
(Contains 21 photos)
Homespun Photography portfolio A series of images taken on rainy days around the house.
(Contains 9 photos)
Graven Images portfolio A series of images of the memorials we place in memory of loved ones
(Contains 12 photos)
Rubbish Pictures portfolio We're an incredibly wasteful species and our efforts to get rid of our rubbish creates all sorts of eyesores
(Contains 4 photos)
Copse on the Dunes portfolio Not far away from my house is a small copse of trees shaped by the wind coming off the sea and scoured by the sand carried with it.
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